• Morgan Freeman donates 1m to Obama

    Morgan Freeman donates 1m to Obama

    Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman has donated $1 million to Barack Obama"s re-election campaign. The "Dark Knight Rises" actor joins the likes of Bill Maher and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffery Katzenberg in delivering millions of dollars to the operation, and Morgan has praised the Democrat president"s history of working on "tolerance". He said in a statement: &quo...

    2012-07-20 11:59:20

  • Morgan Freeman: Joker role didn't kill Heath

    Morgan Freeman: Joker role didn"t kill Heath

    Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman insists Heath Ledger"s death had nothing to with him playing The Joker in "The Dark Knight". The 28-year-old actor died in January 2008 from an accidental drug overdose and while some people believe he was struggling to cope with the intensity of playing the maniacal character, co-star Morgan isn"t convinced the role played any part in his unt...

    2012-07-13 15:21:08